What a year. Every day, the media, legislators, and activists across the country rely on the expertise of our legal team to provide the facts and inform them on the real solutions to make their communities safer. 2012 was no exception. Here is some of the spectacular work our staff did this year to make our country safer.

The Law Center’s history is a constant reminder of why we are all so dedicated to this cause. Twenty years ago, a horrific mass shooting at a law firm in San Francisco changed the lives of so many. Those who survived and those affected by the events of that day turned their pain into real action. They started an organization with a team of attorneys who have used their knowledge of the law to find effective solutions to the overwhelming tide of gun violence.

In two decades, we have brought change to cities and states across the country, and we are exceptionally proud of our efforts in California. Our research and assistance has helped California enact the nation’s strongest gun laws contributing to California’s dramatic drop in gun death rates. We did something about gun violence in California, and are more dedicated than ever to achieve the same results throughout America.

We accomplish all that we do through the support of a small, dedicated group of donors — and today, more than ever, we appreciate their consistent and generous support. Since the appalling events in Newtown, we have been inundated with requests for assistance by legislators and interested organizations that need our help immediately to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. We will continue to educate our leaders on the most effective policies.

As this year draws to a close, we are thankful for all that we have accomplished and we look forward to what next year has to offer. 2013 will be the year that we protect our communities from violence with smart, effective gun laws, because we all deserve to be free from the threat of gun violence. Today is the day and now is the time.