On Tuesday, April 17, the City of Pinole’s City Council voted unanimously to prohibit the sale of firearms and ammunition in residential neighborhoods and to adopt a new ordinance regulating all firearms dealers in the city. In response to an application from a Pinole resident who wanted to operate a business selling firearms and ammunition out of his home, the City of Pinole diligently reviewed the matter and rightly decided that these sensible gun regulations will protect the safety of the community.

The Law Center is proud to have supported the City throughout this process, providing research, expertise, and testimony at public hearings. We are deeply heartened by the outpouring of community support for the proposed measures. Many residents of Pinole and surrounding areas, as well as gun violence prevention activists, spoke at the City Council hearing last night, expressing particular concern over the dangers posed by firearms sales in residential neighborhoods.

We thank all of the individuals who spoke out in favor of the proposed measures and stood up for their right to live in a safe community. We would also like to express our gratitude for the courageous leadership of Pinole’s Chief of Police, John Hardester, as well as Pinole’s City Attorney, Benjamin Reyes, and members of Pinole’s Planning Commission, who were instrumental in the passage of the proposed measures.

The Law Center has a long history of working with cities like Pinole on the adoption of common sense local laws to reduce gun violence. This is just one of the many ways that we leverage our expertise to promote safer communities. With your help, we can continue to advance smart gun laws that save lives.