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There’s good news today in a critical Second Amendment court case—in Peruta v. San Diego, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals found California’s regulations on who can carry a concealed weapon in public are constitutional. The Law Center has been deeply involved with the case from the very start, filing several amicus briefs throughout the litigation process.

Peruta is a high-profile case that has the potential to influence gun policy across the nation. At issue is a California law allowing local law enforcement to exercise good judgment in ensuring only responsible citizens can carry hidden, loaded weapons in public—an important policy on the books in several other states.

The original ruling stated that the “good cause” requirement violated the Second Amendment, and our legal experts, who have studied this topic for years, strongly disagreed. Today, the courts sided with us—the decision upholds one of California’s many lifesaving gun laws, and rightly gives sheriffs the power to make decisions in the best interest of community safety.

Fighting for commonsense gun laws in the courts is a critical part of our mission, and we’re winning—more than 95% of Second Amendment challenges to smart gun laws have been rejected since the landmark Heller decision in 2008.

For more than two decades, our legal experts have led the charge for smart gun laws across the nation. We’re especially proud of our essential work in the courts filing influential amicus briefs and securing pro bono representation to defend legislation that protects public safety against the gun lobby’s baseless claims.

Read the full decision  for Peruta v. San Diego