Last week, the gun violence prevention movement notched yet another big victory for smart gun laws, this time in Iowa. Currently, potential buyers must apply for a permit to purchase a handgun, renewed annually, but legislation supported by the gun lobby would have repealed this essential safety requirement.

Had the bill passed, a person buying a handgun from a private seller in Iowa would not be required to submit to a background check. These essential provisions help keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people like convicted felons and domestic abusers. Background checks are widely supported by most Americans, and polls show even 74 percent of NRA members support these lifesaving measures.

Many players in the gun violence prevention movement came together to save Iowa’s crucial background check laws. The Law Center is proud to have worked on the frontlines to help defeat this ill-conceived bill, lending the weight of our legal expertise to the chorus of opposition to the gun lobby’s dangerous agenda.

The defeat of this legislation keeps Iowa one of the 18 states who have private sale background checks, and sets an encouraging precedent for the rest of the nation in protecting the public and promoting smarter laws for safer communities.

This victory for background checks in Iowa, and recent others in Washington and Oregon show the powerful impact our movement can have when working together for smart laws that save lives.

For more information on background checks, see our policy page.