The Law Center’s co-sponsored bill AB 809 (Feuer) is now on the California State Senate floor, where it could be voted on at any time. At this critical juncture, your assistance is urgently needed to secure the bill’s passage.

AB 809 would require the Department of Justice to retain copies of sales records for rifles and shotguns in a state database, as is currently done for handgun records. This common sense measure would help prevent gun crimes and protect public safety by enhancing law enforcement’s ability to:

Quickly identify the owners of crime guns and expose channels of illegal gun trafficking.

Get firearms out of the hands of dangerous felons, domestic abusers, and mentally ill individuals who still own guns even though they are ineligible to possess them.

Be forewarned about the presence of guns at private residences when responding to emergency calls.

Because rifles and shotguns play a significant role in gun violence in California, it is critical that the California State Senate pass AB 809. Please call your Senator today to urge him or her to vote in favor of this bill! Locate your Senator using this service provided by the California Legislature.