Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence maintains a library of resources that support the proven solutions to the epidemic of gun violence our nation faces. Our legal experts research and publish new reports examining the opportunities lawmakers have to help reduce the toll deadly weapons have on our daily lives. We also work in partnership with other nonprofits and advocacy groups to develop and promote the strategies that save lives and protect our communities from tragedy.

The below publications represent a snapshot of the content our attorneys create. To partner with us, and help put these ideas into action in your state, contact our attorneys through our request assistance form.

Reports & Research

How “Stand Your Ground” Kills
Ghost Guns and Public Safety
The Case for Firearm Licensing
Preventing the Next Parkland
In Pursuit of Peace
A Case Study in Hope
The Truth About School Shootings
Securing a Safer Future
Protecting the Next Generation
Investing in Intervention
Confronting the Inevitability Myth
Healing Communities in Crisis

NICS & Public Safety

Second Amendment Sanctuaries

Every Incident of Mishandled Guns in Schools

Gun Law Scorecard

2019 Gun Law State Scorecard
2018 Gun Law State Scorecard
2017 Gun Law State Scorecard

2016 Gun Law State Scorecard

2015 Gun Law State Scorecard

2014 Gun Law State Scorecard

2013 Gun Law State Scorecard

2012 Gun Law State Scorecard

2010 Gun Law State Scorecard


Gun Law Trendwatch 2019

Gun Law Trendwatch 2018 Year-End Review

Gun Law Trendwatch 2017 Year-End Review

Gun Law Trendwatch 2016 Year-End Review

Gun Law Trendwatch 2015 Year-End Review

The Second Amendment

Victories in the Courts & Why They Matter

The Second Amendment Battleground
The Supreme Court & the 2nd Amendment

Moving Forward after DC v. Heller

Post-Heller Litigation Summary

Commonsense Solutions Toolkits

Reducing Gun Trafficking

Expanding Background Checks

Protecting Kids from Unintended Shootings

Gun Violence Against Women

Gun Deaths Connected to Mental Illness


Courage in the Face of Trauma

The Truth About Gun Violence in America

Urban Gun Violence

Keeping Tragedy out of Reach

Warning Signs

The California Model

America Caught in the Crossfire

Guns in Public Places