Giffords Law Center to Prevent Violence provides free legal assistance to governmental entities and gun violence prevention and allied organizations. If you are an activist or public official working for state and local solutions to prevent gun violence, we may be able to help.

What We Can Help With

Our staff responds to requests for assistance that relate to laws and policies to prevent firearm-related deaths and injuries. We provide assistance such as:

  • Explaining the legal significance of existing and proposed laws.
  • Researching and analyzing current law and options for reform.
  • Developing regulatory policies and model laws.
  • Drafting laws and regulations for specific jurisdictions.
  • Reviewing existing and proposed laws and offering recommendations for improvement.
  • Responding to legal arguments raised against existing and proposed legislation.
  • Evaluating legal issues related to the enforcement of existing laws and potential new strategies.
  • Helping to secure pro bono litigation assistance, for example, when gun regulations are challenged in court.

What We Can’t Help With

We only undertake work that will help prevent gun violence. Giffords Law Center does not respond to questions about personal firearm ownership (such as how to obtain a particular weapon or a concealed weapons permit) or administrative questions relating to the acquisition or retention of a federal firearms dealer license. Information about personal firearms ownership can be obtained from state or local law enforcement. Information about federal licensing of firearms dealers can be obtained through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ website.

We also do not provide individual legal advice, assist with specific legal cases, or create attorney/client relationships. Any concerns about your particular legal situation should be addressed to a local attorney or local law enforcement. If you feel you are in a dangerous situation involving a gun, please contact law enforcement immediately.

For media inquiries, please email any requests to [email protected].

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Legal Disclaimer


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