A poll conducted in August 2012 found that 96% of respondents support a background check on anyone attempting to purchase a gun in order to determine whether the prospective buyer has been convicted of a felony.  That poll also found that 91% of respondents favor preventing certain people, such as convicted felons or people with mental illness, from owning guns.1

A February 2011 poll found that 91% of respondents in the five bellwether states of Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Virginia and Ohio support requiring federal agencies to share information about suspected dangerous persons or terrorists to prevent them from buying guns.2

A January 2011 poll found that 91% of respondents favor requiring federal agencies to share information about suspected dangerous persons or terrorists, in order to prevent them from buying guns.3

That poll also found that 90% of respondents favor fixing the gaps in government databases that are meant to prevent the mentally ill, drug abusers and others from buying guns.4 Nearly 79% of respondents favor notifying state and local law enforcement when a person fails a background check for a firearm.5

NRA members (82%) and non-NRA member gun owners (86%) support a proposal prohibiting people on terrorist watch lists from purchasing guns. Sixty-one percent of NRA members and 69% of non-NRA member gun owners strongly support this proposal.6

Americans strongly support preventing felons and people with mental health problems from owning guns (88% favor, while only 12% oppose).7

A national survey conducted for Mayors Against Illegal Guns in January 2007 found that 85% of respondents, including 79% of gun owners, favor prohibiting people who have been convicted of illegal possession of a gun from purchasing guns.8

Nearly 77% of Americans favor prohibiting criminal access to guns, even if the prohibition makes it harder for law-abiding individuals to obtain guns.9

A 2001 survey of public attitudes toward prohibiting gun purchases to persons convicted of certain specified crimes found that Americans favor prohibiting guns in the hands of persons convicted of: a) publicly displaying a firearm in a threatening manner (94.7%); b) carrying a concealed weapon without a permit (83.7%); c) assault and battery not involving a lethal weapon or serious injury (82.9%); and d) driving under the influence of alcohol (68.5%).10

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