A poll conducted in August 2012 found that 57% of those polled favor a ban on the manufacture, sale and possession of semi-automatic assault weapons.1

A June 2011 poll confirms support for a national assault weapons ban:  62% of Americans polled support a federal ban on the sale of assault weapons.2

A January 2011 poll of registered voters found that 81% of respondents favor the tracking of bulk purchases of assault rifles; guns that recently have become the weapon of choice of Mexican drug cartels.3

Another poll conducted in January 2011 found that 63% of respondents favor a ban on assault weapons.  A majority of gun-owning households – 54% – also support such a ban.4

A poll conducted shortly after the 2008 presidential election found that 65% of Americans, including 60% of gun owners, favor banning military style assault weapons.5

A 2006 poll found that 82% of Americans support restrictions on the sale of semi-automatic assault weapons.6

In 2004, a poll of likely presidential election voters found that 77% of overall respondents, and 66% of gun owning respondents, supported renewal of the now-expired federal assault weapon ban.7

Sixty-seven percent of Field & Stream readers do not consider assault weapons to be legitimate sporting guns.8

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