Your calls and emails paid off last week: the California Legislature heard you and passed our bill to curb illegal gun trafficking. But the work isn’t over yet.

We have been working all year on SB 1366, which would give law enforcement an important tool to fight the flow of illegal guns in California. The bill would require gun owners to report lost and stolen guns to the police — guns that are often trafficked into the hands of criminals.

This bill is now on Governor Brown’s desk and just one step away from becoming law.
We need your help NOW for this final, critical push.

Please call Governor Brown TODAY at (916) 445-2841 and tell him:

“I support SB 1366 because it gives law enforcement
what they need to fight gun trafficking!”

If the line is busy, you can click here to e-mail the governor with your message.
Be sure to select “SB01366\Firearms: lost or stolen: reports” under “Please Choose Your Subject” and select “Pro” for your position when prompted.

California is close to enacting this important bill into law. Your voice can help keep guns out of the wrong hands in our state.

Let’s ensure that Governor Brown makes the right decision to protect our communities.
Call or email him right now.

We have a deep amount of research on this topic. For more, read about the benefits of lost and stolen firearm reporting.