Case Information: Malpasso et al. v. Pallozzi, No. 18-2377 (4th Cir. brief filed February 1, 2019).

At Issue: This case involves a Second Amendment challenge to Maryland’s concealed carry regulations and standards. The challenged policies require applicants to demonstrate a “good and substantial reason” to carry concealed guns in public in order to receive a concealed carry permit. Plaintiffs filed a lawsuit claiming that this good and substantial reason standard violates the Second Amendment—taking the extreme position that permits should be issued to applicants who do not meet the standard.

Giffords Law Center’s Brief: Our brief argues that Maryland’s concealed carry regulations survive intermediate scrutiny because the good and substantial reason requirement serves a substantial governmental interest. The latest reputable research on the connection between carrying guns in public and crime overwhelmingly shows that relaxing concealed carry laws leads to increased violent crime and homicide. Research has also found that guns are rarely used in self-defense, and carrying a gun may actually increase one’s chance of being shot in an assault. Our brief also argues that the opposing research being used by the appellants is out of date and largely discredited.

Read the full text of our amicus brief here.