South Carolina prohibits any person from transporting a machine gun within the state.1 Keeping, storing, possessing, selling, renting, or giving away a machine gun are also generally prohibited activities, unless the possessor is authorized to possess a machine gun by the federal government, among other exceptions.2 Federal law generally allows the possession of machine guns manufactured prior to May 19, 1986 so long as they are registered.

South Carolina allows persons in dangerous professions, such as law enforcement, corrections, or the military, among others, to possess a machine gun if the person registers the machine gun per state law.3 In addition, the state issues special limited licenses for the possession, transportation and sale of machine guns to: 1) authorized representatives of a machine gun manufacturer or dealer engaged in demonstrating and selling such guns to agencies authorized by law to possess them; or 2) persons engaged in professional movie-making or providing services to professional movie-makers who use machine guns for special effects purposes.4

See our Machine Guns policy summary for further information. 

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