Yesterday, our priority bill to combat illegal gun trafficking and keep guns out of the wrong hands passed the California State Senate by a vote of 23-14.  Co-sponsored by the Law Center, SB 1366 (DeSaulnier) would require gun owners to alert local law enforcement when their firearms are lost or stolen, providing law enforcement with a much-needed tool to curb gun trafficking. SB 1366 now proceeds to the Assembly.

We’re also pleased to report that AB 1527 (Portantino), a bill to prohibit the open carrying of rifles and shotguns in public places, is continuing to advance in the legislature.

Additionally, several measures we opposed, including bills to weaken California’s concealed handgun licensing law and waiting period requirement, all failed in their initial committee hearings.

Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to protect California’s existing gun laws while advancing significant new measures to help keep our communities free from gun violence.

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