We would like to thank all of the sponsors and guests who came together at the Law Center’s 18th Anniversary Dinner to honor our community’s commitment to ending the epidemic of gun violence in America.

This year, the Law Center’s Distinguished Leadership Awardee Dr. Peter Rhee reminded us of the physical impact of gun violence on the countless lives seen in trauma centers every day. Despite the successful reduction in crime in Los Angeles, Keynote Speaker Mayor Villaraigosa reflected on the fact that our cities are still plagued by senseless gun violence, and that there remains much work to be done.

We remembered those 100,000 Americans killed and injured by gun violence every year, reviving our dedication to promoting strong gun laws, fighting dangerous litigation, and advocating for the majority of Americans that believe smart gun laws save lives.

We cannot thank our sponsors, guests, and donors enough for supporting our work through this special event. Because of their generosity, the Law Center can continue to tirelessly advocate for safer communities and the prevention of future tragedies.

Thank you for acting together with us.