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Center for American Progress boldly proposes folding the ATF into the FBI to effect better enforcement of gun laws and dealers. 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, the leading resource for information on firearms legislation and Second Amendment litigation, applauds our partners at the Center for American Progress (CAP) for their work on “The Bureau and the Bureau,” an enterprising new report examining the relationship between the ATF and the FBI.

Analysts at CAP spent two years investigating both agencies, searching for a better solution to enforcing gun laws at the federal level, and concluded that the two should merge operations. CAP’s investigation found that for the better part of a decade, the ATF has been functioning under weak management and startling inefficiency. Because of opposition from the gun lobby, the ATF was without a director for seven years, until B. Todd Jones was confirmed by the Senate in July 2014. He resigned after just seven months, following a failed effort to ban “green tip” armor-piercing bullets. The FBI’s funding and leadership have remained stable compared to the ATF, and are thus better equipped to manage the work ATF agents are expected to carry out. 

The instability of the ATF’s management structure makes now the right time to rethink the way the FBI and ATF work together. The gun lobby has pressured Congress to underfund the ATF and adopt burdensome regulations that make it harder for agents to enforce the smart gun laws already on the books, all of which has brought the ATF to a fever pitch of inefficiency.

“The Law Center works closely with the Center for American Progress, and we support their dedicated efforts to find effective solutions, such as their proposed merger between the FBI and ATF,” said Robyn Thomas, Executive Director of the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. “Gun violence is an epidemic that kills over 30,000 Americans each year, and passing smart gun laws is only part of the answer. We also need government agencies with the funding, capacity, and leadership to enforce those laws, and this is what CAP’s insightful new report addresses.” 



Media contact:
Garrett McDonough
[email protected]

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