The tragic shooting at a youth camp and bombing of a government building in Norway on July 22 left 77 people dead and many others wounded. There are no words to describe these shocking events, which devastated Norway and the world. Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence expresses our deep condolences to all those affected and our outrage at recent revelations that weak U.S. gun laws aided Anders Behring Breivik in preparing for these horrible acts. In his manifesto, the killer revealed that he had easily purchased ten 30-round ammunition magazines from a supplier in the United States. In the text, Breivik also expressed “envy” regarding the United States’ weak gun laws, compared with much stricter laws in Europe.

The Law Center’s analysis of large capacity ammunition magazines demonstrates that these magazines are the common thread uniting major mass shootings, including the Tucson massacre earlier this year, and shootings at Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, and 101 California Street in San Francisco. The Law Center is steadfastly committed to supporting federal and state legislation prohibiting large capacity magazines, including H.R. 308 (McCarthy), which would ban these magazines nationwide.We are pleased to testify in support of SJR 7, a resolution urging Congress to enact H.R. 308, which was recently adopted by the California Legislature. We also strongly encourage you to sign our petition in support of H.R. 308.

As the Norway shootings sadly remind us, action remains desperately needed to strengthen U.S. gun laws and stop our gun violence epidemic.