Kansas, Mississippi and Utah have all recently enacted laws that allow concealed weapon permit holders to carry loaded, concealed firearms in or on the grounds of elementary and secondary schools. The Kansas law (signed April 8th) allows permit holders to carry on the grounds of public and private schools instructing children in grades K-12. Utah’s law (signed March 21st) is similar, but also allows permit holders to carry in buildings that house preschools and daycare centers.  The Mississippi law (signed March 11th) goes even further, allowing permit holders who opt to obtain minimal firearms safety training to carry concealed guns in K-12 school buildings, at college, professional and K-12 school athletic events, in bars, churches, and other areas where firearms were previously prohibited.  By allowing guns in places where alcohol is consumed, where families congregate, and where young children are required to spend their days, these legislators are jeopardizing the safety of state residents.