The Kansas Legislature has immunized firearm or ammunition manufacturers and dealers from certain civil suits by local governments. For details regarding this law, see Local Authority to Regulate Firearms in Kansas.

Kansas law also immunizes owners and users of a sport shooting range from civil liability and criminal prosecution, so long as it conforms to generally accepted operation practices, in any matter relating to noise or noise pollution, if the range is in compliance with noise control laws or ordinances or resolutions that applied to the range at the time of construction. If the range is in compliance with such laws, the shooting range owner or user is also not subject to an action for nuisance, and cannot be enjoined from the use or operation of a range on the basis of noise or noise pollution.1

For detailed information about government and private party lawsuits against the gun industry, the status of litigation involving gun industry immunity statutes in various states, or pending gun industry immunity legislation, visit the Brady Center’s Legal Action Project and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s Gun Industry Immunity page.

See our Immunity Statutes / Manufacturer Litigation policy summary for a comprehensive discussion of this issue.

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