WASHINGTON DC — Today, the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence and Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS), the gun violence prevention organization founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Navy combat veteran and NASA astronaut Captain Mark Kelly, issued the below statement applauding the Rye Brook, New York, Board of Trustees for passing a new ordinance requiring gun dealers to adopt responsible practices proven to save lives and reduce gun violence. The Law Center and ARS’s policy experts helped craft this groundbreaking ordinance for the town of Rye Brook.

Allison Anderman, Managing Attorney, Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence:

“Today, the Rye Brook Board of Trustees took bold, lifesaving action by passing a new, commonsense ordinance to ensure that gun dealers operate as safely as possible. These responsible policies will keep guns out of the wrong hands, help law enforcement solve crimes, and reduce gun thefts and trafficking. We hope the leadership exhibited by Rye Brook today will inspire other municipalities in New York and other states to step up and do their part to save lives from gun violence. The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence and Americans for Responsible Solutions stand at the ready to help any local government looking to make their community a safer place to live. With a president and Congress in the gun lobby’s grip, now more than ever it’s up to officials at the state and local level to fight for the smart gun laws we know save lives, and that’s exactly what Rye Brook has done.”

About the Rye Brook Ordinance

Rye Brook’s ordinance is now one of the most comprehensive gun dealer regulations in New York State. The ordinance:

  • Prevents gun dealerships from operating within 500 feet of any public school, private school, nursery school, or religious institution, and zones them to appropriate commercial locations.
  • Requires that all ammunition and firearms be kept secured and stored in areas not accessible to the public.
  • Requires that dealers maintain an alarm system and video surveillance for security purposes and to aid law enforcement.
  • Requires gun dealers to post notices and warnings of firearm laws.
  • Requires gun dealers to report any theft or loss to local law enforcement officials.
  • Restricts admittance for minors to gun dealerships.
  • Prohibits individuals legally barred from possessing firearms from entering the gun dealership.
  • Requires gun dealers to report their inventory to law enforcement officials every six months.
  • Allows law enforcement to inspect gun dealerships for compliance with local, state and federal laws.
  • Requires background checks for the employees of gun dealers.