Wyoming has some of the worst gun laws in the country, earning an F in our Annual Gun Law Scorecard. In 2018, Wyoming enacted a dangerous “stand your ground” law that increases the likelihood of deadly public confrontations. In 2017, Wyoming had the eighth-highest gun death rate in the country and exported crime guns to other states at the fourth-highest rate. To save lives from gun violence, Wyoming could require background checks for all gun sales and repeal its dangerous permitless concealed carry law.

State Law Background

Among other things, Wyoming does not:

In addition, in 2011, Wyoming became the fourth state in the nation to allow private citizens to carry concealed firearms in public without a license or permit.

In 2017, Wyoming had the 8th highest gun death rate among the states. Wyoming also supplied crime guns to other states at the fourth highest rate among the states. Wyoming exported crime guns at nearly three times the national rate and more than three times the rate at which it imported crime guns from other states.

Wyoming Firearms Laws

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