While Oregon has enacted several basic gun safety laws, the state has significant room for improvement, earning a C+ on our Annual Gun Law Scorecard. In 2017, Oregon enacted an extreme risk protection order law, which allows family members and law enforcement officers to temporarily disarm individuals at risk of violence. In 2017, Oregon had the 21st-lowest gun death rate in the country and exported and imported crime guns at close to the national rates. To save lives from gun violence, Oregon legislators could require people who live with minor children to store their firearms safely and restrict untraceable and undetectable firearms (also known as ghost guns).

Oregon Firearms Laws

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  • Universal background checks

  • Extreme risk protection order law

  • Firearm prohibition for domestic abusers

  • Safe storage requirement

  • Assault weapon, 50 caliber rifle, and large capacity magazine ban

  • Gun dealer licensing

  • Bulk firearm purchase restrictions

  • Waiting period

  • Gun owner licensing

  • Firearm registration

  • Handgun design safety standards

  • Ammunition sale regulation

  • Local governments have authority to regulate firearms and ammunition