North Dakota has very weak gun laws, earning an F in our Annual Gun Law Scorecard. Since 2017, the state has allowed residents to carry loaded, hidden handguns in public without a background check or permit. North Dakota had the 25th-highest gun death rate in the country in 2017 and the 15th-highest crime gun export rate. To save lives from gun violence, North Dakota could require a background check and waiting period on all gun purchases and enact an extreme risk protection order law.

North Dakota Firearms Laws

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  • Prohibition against carrying loaded guns in bars

  • Universal background checks

  • Concealed carry permitting requirement

  • Assault weapon, 50 caliber rifle, and large capacity magazine ban

  • Gun dealer licensing

  • Bulk firearm purchase restrictions

  • Handgun design safety standards

  • Gun owner licensing

  • Local governments have authority to regulate firearms and ammunition

  • Firearm registration