New Mexico has significantly strengthened its gun laws in recent years. In 2019, the state enacted laws requiring a background check for all firearm sales and prohibiting many categories of domestic abusers from firearm purchase or possession. In 2017, New Mexico had the tenth-highest gun death rate in the country and exported crime guns at the 17th-highest rate. To build on the progress of 2019, New Mexico legislators could fund proven community violence intervention programs and enact an extreme risk protection order law.

New Mexico Firearms Laws

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  • Universal background checks

  • Firearm prohibition for some domestic abusers

  • Assault weapon, 50 caliber rifle, and large capacity magazine ban

  • Gun dealer licensing

  • Firearm owner licensing

  • Firearm registration

  • Child access prevention law

  • Bulk firearm purchase restrictions

  • Licensing authority has discretion to deny a concealed carry permit

  • Local governments have authority to regulate firearms and ammunition

  • Waiting period