Gun Laws in Nevada

State Law Background

Among other things, Nevada:

State of Gun Violence Factsheet
  • Requires that people subject to a domestic violence protective order relinquish their guns to law enforcement;
  • Submits a variety of mental health records to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System for use in firearm purchaser checks;
  • Provides for a court process requiring prohibited persons convicted of a crime to relinquish any firearms in their possession; and
  • Provides that the Nevada Department of Public Safety may conduct a background check for a firearm transfer between private parties if a private seller so requests it for a prospective purchaser.

Nevada does not, however:

Local governments in Nevada generally lack authority to regulate firearms and ammunition, and Nevada requires local law enforcement to issue a concealed handgun license to any applicant who meets certain basic qualifications.

In 2016, Nevada had the 15th highest number of gun deaths per capita among the states. That year, 498 people lost their lives to guns. Nevada is also a source of guns used in crimes in other states. Nevada had the 3rd highest rate of crime gun exports—meaning that crime guns originally sold in Nevada were recovered after being used in crimes in other states at the highest rate among the states. Nevada also exported guns used in crimes at over seven times the rate at which it imported them.

Nevada Firearms Laws

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  1. In 2016, Nevada voters approved a ballot initiative to require background checks on private sales of firearms. However, after the FBI announced that it would not conduct background checks in the manner the initiative required it to, the Nevada Attorney General issued an opinion stating that individuals would not be prosecuted for failing to conduct background checks on private sales. Nevada currently lacks an enforceable process to conduct background checks on private sales of firearms. ⤴︎