Nebraska has enacted a few basic gun safety laws, but has significant room for progress, earning a C on our Annual Gun Law Scorecard. While Nebraska requires everyone who purchases a handgun to undergo a background check, individuals purchasing long guns from unlicensed sellers are not subject to this requirement. In 2017, Nebraska had the ninth-lowest gun death rate in the country and the 13th-lowest rate of crime gun exports. In addition to expanding its background checks law, Nebraska legislators could pass an extreme risk protection order law and regulate undetectable and untraceable firearms (also known as ghost guns).

  • Local governments have authority to regulate firearms and ammunition in most areas

  • Handgun licensing with background check for private sales

  • Universal background checks for long guns

  • Gun dealer licensing

  • Assault weapon, 50 caliber rifle, and large capacity magazine ban

  • Handgun design safety standards

  • Bulk firearm purchase restrictions

  • Ammunition sale regulation

  • Licensing authority has discretion to deny a concealed carry permit