Iowa has taken initial steps toward gun safety, but still has significant room for progress, having only earned a C on our Annual Gun Law Scorecard. In 2019, the Iowa legislature took an initial step towards requiring courts to use the highest civil legal standard to review gun laws, which could result in an onslaught of litigation over basic gun safety laws. In 2017, Iowa had the tenth-lowest gun death rate in the country and was a net exporter of crime guns. To save lives from gun violence, Iowa legislators could pass an extreme risk protection order law and require a background check and waiting period on all firearms, not just handguns.

State Law Background

Among other things, Iowa:

Iowa does not, however:

In addition, pursuant to a law enacted in 2010, Iowa no longer affords local law enforcement discretion in issuing concealed carry permits.

In 2017, Iowa had the tenth lowest gun death rate among the states. Although Iowa supplies crime guns to other states at a lower rate than the national average, the state still exports more crime guns than it imports.