Georgia has very weak gun laws, earning an F in our Annual Gun Law Scorecard. In 2017, Georgia began allowing people to carry concealed weapons on college campuses. Georgia had the 19th-highest gun death rate in the country in 2017, and guns used in crimes in other states originate in Georgia at nearly twice the national rate. To save lives from gun violence, Georgia could require background checks and waiting periods on all firearm purchases and prohibit domestic abusers from possessing firearms.

State Law Background

Among other things, Georgia requires handgun dealers and employees of handgun dealers to obtain a state license. However, Georgia does not:

In 2017, Georgia had the 19th highest gun death rate among the states. Georgia also supplied crime guns to other states at the tenth highest rate among the states. Georgia exported crime guns at more than twice the national rate and nearly twice the rate at which it imported crime guns from other states.