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Among other things, California:

In addition, in 2014, California became the first jurisdiction in the nation to enact a Gun Violence Restraining Order law (also known as a Firearms Restraining Order or Extreme Risk Protection Order), allowing concerned family members to petition a court to temporarily remove firearms from a love one who is found to pose a clear danger to the public or their own safety during a mental crisis.

In 2016, California voters also adopted a comprehensive package of gun safety reforms through Proposition 63 (“The Safety for All Act of 2016”). Among other major reforms, Proposition 63 will, when implemented, make California the first state in the nation to require a point-of-sale background check on ammunition purchases.

In 2017, California had the seventh lowest gun death rate among the nation’s 50 states. Even with this relatively low ranking, California still suffered 3,184 deaths from firearms in that single year. Additionally, in 2014, at least 5,724 people were hospitalized or treated in emergency rooms for non-fatal gunshot wounds in California.

In 2017, California supplied crime guns to other states at the fifth lowest rate among the states.

Municipalities across California have also enacted a variety of gun violence prevention ordinances to make their communities safer.

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