Alabama has very weak gun laws, receiving an F in our Annual Gun Law Scorecard. The state lacks many basic gun safety laws and has not enacted meaningful gun safety legislation in recent years. Instead, in recent years, the state has made it easier for people to carry hidden, loaded guns in public and more difficult for local governments to enact gun violence prevention policies suited to their communities. In 2017, Alabama had the country’s second-highest gun death rate and exported crime guns at the sixth-highest rate among the states. To save lives from gun violence, Alabama lawmakers could pass laws requiring background checks and waiting periods for all firearm sales, and strengthen regulations for assault weapons and large capacity magazines.

  • Handgun dealer licensing

  • Universal background checks

  • Assault weapon, 50 caliber rifle, and large capacity magazine ban

  • Firearm registration

  • Bulk firearm purchase restrictions

  • Handgun design safety standards

  • Local governments have authority to regulate firearms and ammunition

  • Waiting period