Gun Laws and Violence in TexasThe mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, in which 22 were killed and 24 were injured by an armed white supremacist, occurred at the devastating interaction of hateful ideology and weak gun laws.

Every three hours, someone is killed with a gun in Texas in incidents that often don’t make the news. Texas’s weak gun laws make it far too easy for individuals intent on harming themselves or others to purchase firearms, including weapons of war.

This report, Gun Laws and Violence in the State of Texas, provides an overview of the rise of hate-fueled violence across the country, explores the devastating impact that gun violence has on the people of Texas, and outlines policy recommendations for curbing this epidemic.

These policy recommendations include the following:

  1. Passing universal background checks
  2. Enacting extreme risk protection orders
  3. Disarming violent domestic abusers, hate crime offenders, and others convicted of violent crimes
  4. Strengthening protections against military-style weapons
  5. Limiting young people’s unsupervised access to firearms
  6. Giving law enforcement tools to curb the flow of illegal guns on the black market
  7. Investing in lifesaving violence intervention programs to break the cycle of violence
  8. Allowing local governments to enact gun laws fitting the needs of their communities

The 3,000 lives lost to gun violence in Texas each year are not inevitable. Legislators in Texas should take immediate action to protect their constituents from this crisis.

Read the full report: Gun Laws and Violence in the State of Texas.