Arkansas law does not:

  • Prohibit individuals convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors from possessing firearms or ammunition (unlike federal law);
  • Prohibit individuals subject to domestic violence protective orders from possessing firearms or ammunition (unlike federal law);
  • Require the surrender of firearms or ammunition by domestic abusers who have become prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition under federal law; or
  • Explicitly authorize or require the removal of firearms or ammunition at the scene of a domestic violence incident.

Arkansas does require courts to notify a person who has been convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor that it is unlawful for the person to possess firearms or ammunition pursuant to federal law.1 Orders of protection must contain notification that federal law prohibits anyone subject to an order of protection or convicted of a misdemeanor of domestic violence to possess firearms or ammunition.2

For laws governing the procedure for surrender of firearms by a person subject to a protective order, see the section entitled Disarming Prohibited Persons.

See our Domestic Violence & Firearms policy summary for a comprehensive discussion of this issue.

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