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Colorado law allows for the removal of guns from the hands of domestic abusers. See Domestic Violence and Firearms in Colorado for more information about that law.

Colorado has no law requiring the removal of firearms from other persons who have become prohibited from possessing them. However, Colorado law provides that, upon the discharge of any inmate from the custody of the Colorado Department of Corrections, the Department must provide a written advisement to the inmate that it is a crime if the person knowingly possesses, uses, or carries upon his or her person a firearm subsequent to the person’s conviction for a felony, or an attempt or conspiracy to commit a felony. Any written stipulation for a deferred judgment and sentence must contain the same written advisement.1

Extreme Risk Protection Orders

In 2019, Colorado enacted a law that enables certain individuals to petition a court to remove guns from a person in crisis.2 The law, called an extreme risk protection order (ERPO), allows a law enforcement officer, or family or household member to file a petition demonstrating to a judge that an individual poses a danger to himself, herself, or others. If the court determines that the petitioner has met the standard of proof, it will issue an order that lasts up to one year. An individual subject to an ERPO must relinquish his or her guns to law enforcement and will be prohibited from possessing firearms for the duration of the order.

A temporary ERPO can be obtained without notice to the individual subject to the ERPO. This order can last up to 14 days, before a hearing is held to determine whether a year-long order is appropriate.3

The respondent can submit one request during the period of the order to hold a hearing to terminate the order early.4

Read more about these types of laws on our policy page, Extreme Risk Protection Orders.

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