A dangerous bill currently moving through Congress could severely undermine the strong state laws we have worked so hard to enact. Although the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 822, which would force states to recognize permits to carry concealed handguns issued by every other state, we are working closely with our allies to prevent “forced reciprocity” legislation from moving forward in the Senate.

What’s Really At Stake Here?

As detailed in our new publication, Forced Reciprocity: Why Your Community Shouldn’t Be Subject to Other States’ Weak Concealed Handgun Laws, lax permitting requirements in many states enable convicted criminals and other dangerous persons to legally carry hidden, loaded handguns. Federal reciprocity would force states with strong gun laws, like California and New York, to recognize permits issued by every state, even if the issuing state doesn’t require an applicant to complete any firearms training or show any need to carry a weapon.

Media outlets nationwide have relied on the Law Center’s expertise to understand the danger posed by forced reciprocity:


  • In “Locked and Loaded for Happy Hour,” Mother Jones used the Law Center’s data on weak state gun laws to explain H.R. 822’s potential impact;
  • Our staff attorney Ben Van Houten debated H.R. 822 with an NRA attorney on Larry Mantle’s AirTalk on Los Angeles public radio. Listen here in case you missed it.

With your help, we will continue to advocate against dangerous legislation like H.R. 822 and to help keep our communities safe from gun violence.