Great news! Early next week, we expect the California State Senate to vote on a critical bill that will help stop illegal gun trafficking and keep guns out of the wrong hands.  

Now we need your help to tell the Senate how important this measure is! 

Co-sponsored by LCAV, SB 1366 (DeSaulnier) would require gun owners to alert local law enforcement when their firearms are lost or stolen, providing law enforcement with a much-needed tool to curb gun trafficking.

Without a reporting law in place, individuals whose guns are recovered at crime scenes can falsely claim that their weapons innocently disappeared in order to hide their involvement in criminal activity.

Please call your State Senator TODAY and tell him or her,  

“I support SB 1366 to fight gun trafficking!”.

You can find your State Senator and the number to call by following this link.

Your voice can ensure that California law enforcement has every tool necessary to keep our communities safe from gun violence.

For more information on the ways this law can help stop illegal trafficking, please visit theLost and Stolen Reporting fact sheet on our website.