We are alarmed to report that legislation has recently been enacted in Mississippi, and is currently pending in 14 more states, which would change current law to allow concealed weapons on college campuses. In addition, one state – Utah – already requires colleges to allow firearms on campus.

The gun violence prevention community opposes state government’s efforts to allow carrying of firearms by students, faculty or staff. We must urge our elected officials to vote against any bill permitting guns on campus. The Law Center supports preserving college campuses for education and believes firearms create an unacceptable risk in the college environment.

Saturday, April 16th is the fourth anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings. Today, to honor the victims of that tragedy, we are joining with thousands of others in a national call-in day, organized by The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus, asking governors across the country to oppose this dangerous legislation. While California has no proposed laws of this type, we still urge you to call Governor Brown to let him know where you stand on the issue, and ask him to oppose any future attempts to bring guns on campus. If you live in a state where this legislation is being advanced, or if you have children or friends attending a school in these states, please call your governor now to ensure that your voice is heard.

Call Your Governor Now!