The lifesaving work we do at Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence wouldn’t be possible without the courageous, committed leadership of our board of directors.


Alexis Coll-Very


David Kapnick

Executive Director

Robyn Thomas

Founders’ Circle

Cameron Baker
Elizabeth Cabraser
William Edlund
Charles Ehrlich
James Fousekis
John Heisse
George Hisert
Michelle Scully Hobus
Edward Kallgren
Carol Kingsley
Lawrence Low
Richard Odgers


Peter Ambler
Steven Baron
Elizabeth Cabraser
Paul Chapman
Owen Clements
Brook Dooley
Charles Dyke
Marc Fagel
James Fousekis
Simon Frankel
David Fry
Tyler Gerking
Holly Gordon
Melinda Haag
Lee Hanson
George Hisert
Carol Kingsley
William Kissinger
David Lipkin
Anthony Malutta
Ray Marshall
Mark Mosley
Andrea Nill Sánchez
Scott Nonaka
Matt Powers
Brent Ray
Sarah Ray
David Roth
James Seff
Randal Short
John Skonberg
Steven Smith
Harold Sogard
Jeanna Steele
Kenneth Taber
Roderick Thompson
Tracy Thompson
Jean Tom
Martin Weiner
Chris Young