We need your help! This week, the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on H.R. 822, a dangerous bill to force states with strong laws, like California and New York, to recognize licenses to carry concealed handguns issued by every other state.

Many states have shockingly weak systems that enable convicted criminals and untrained individuals to legally carry hidden, loaded handguns in public places. Because H.R. 822 would prevent states from deciding who may carry concealed handguns within their borders, the bill poses a serious threat to public safety nationwide.

Call your Representative’s Washington, D.C. office TODAY and tell him or her: “Vote no on H.R. 822!” 

To find your Representative’s D.C. office phone number, or if you aren’t sure who your Representative is, visit Contacting the Congress.

It’s especially important that constituents contact the following four Representatives:

  • Nancy Pelosi, call 202-225-4965;
  • Mike Thompson, call 202-225-3311;
  • John Garamendi, call 202-225-1880; and
  • Jerry McNerney, call 202-225-1947.

To find out more about the dangers of efforts to force states to recognize out-of-state concealed carry licenses, read our new policy paper, Forced Reciprocity: Why Your Community Shouldn’t Be Subject to Other States’ Weak Concealed Handgun Laws.