Image by NateD2009 on Flickr

Image by NateD2009 on Flickr

Below is a message from Carol Gorenberg, attorney and Law Center supporter:

In March of 1982, my sister bought a gun on First Street in San Francisco. She passed the background check and received her weapon – all without my knowledge, even though she had been living with me for 3 months since her previous suicide attempt. I found the receipt for the gun when I was going through her stuff, along with the suicide letter and her journal. It was quite clear to me that she did everything possible to keep her plan a secret.

If she hadn’t been able to buy a gun, she would have tried something else – and maybe that something would not have worked. The gun was the certain way to succeed, unfortunately. More than 90% of suicide attempts with a gun are successful.

In an instant, my sister’s right to life and my right to grow old with my sister were taken away. She didn’t have a chance to deal with her despair and get better. A gun kept her from having another chance at life.

The truth is that my sister and I are not alone. That’s why I seized the opportunity to honor the life of my sister by supporting the Law Center’s 20th Anniversary Dinner with a Tribute Message. Every day, the Law Center’s staff works to prevent the devastating toll that gun violence takes on families across the country – whether that is working on laws to prevent mass shootings, crime related homicides, or easy access to weapons by children. They are making our communities safer by finding effective solutions to our gun violence epidemic, providing accurate information to our legislatures and courts, and answering the arguments of those who would hide behind our Constitution to rationalize a culture of violence.

Sadly, I know that someone else’s sister is buying a gun today, and someone else will lose a sister, brother, parent, or child, today, tomorrow, and next week. However, I know that my contribution to this Anniversary Dinner honors the life of my sister and supports the Law Center’s incredibly valuable work. Each life we save, each suicide prevented, each murder thwarted, brings us closer to the goal of having a safe society where all can enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I hope you will stand with me by sending a Tribute Message or a Message of Support to the Law Center as they mark 20 Years.

Please join me today by sending a message of support through the Law Center’s form below.

All the best,
Carol Gorenberg

The Program Book for the Law Center’s 20th Anniversary Dinner will include space for messages of support and personal tributes from members of our community.

We invite you to share a tribute or a supportive message to be included in this commemorative book. Each dinner guest will receive a copy of the book where your message will be featured.

Individual tickets and tribute messages are sold out. Please contact 415.433.2062×309 for more information or to be placed on our wait list.