Since Newtown, 138 new smart gun laws have been enacted in 42 states.

Background Checks (7 states strengthened)

  1. Colorado (expanded)
  2. Connecticut (expanded)
  3. Delaware (new)
  4. Illinois (expanded)
  5. Massachusetts (expanded)
  6. New York (expanded)
  7. Oregon (expanded)
  8. Washington (new)

Lost & Stolen (5 states enhanced or added)

  1. Delaware
  2. Illinois
  3. Maryland
  4. Massachusetts (license renewal applicants must verify no lost or stolen firearms)
  5. New York

Assault Weapons and/or LCAM (5 states strengthened or added new law)

  1. California (strengthened AW ban and added new LCAM ban)
  2. Colorado (added LCAM ban)
  3. Connecticut (strengthened AW ban and added LCAM ban)
  4. Maryland (strengthened AW ban and added LCAM ban)
  5. New York (strengthened AW and LCAM ban)

Domestic Violence (20 states improved)

  1. Alabama (prohibit DV misdemeanor and subject of DV order)
  2. Colorado (disarm)
  3. Connecticut (disarm)
  4. Delaware (relinquish)
  5. Illinois (ex parte orders result in prohibition)
  6. Louisiana (prohibit DV misdemeanor and subject of DV order)
  7. Maine (prohibit DV misdemeanor)
  8. Massachusetts (prohibit DV misdemeanor)
  9. Minnesota (prohibit DV misdemeanor, subject of DV order and stalking and disarm)
  10. Nevada (prohibit DV misdemeanor)
  11. New Hampshire (create distinct DV crime)
  12. Oregon (prohibit DV misdemeanor and subject of DV order)
  13. South Carolina (prohibit possession for some DV crimes)
  14. Tennessee (state bureau of investigation alert local officials within one day when abuser attempts to purchase a firearm)
  15. Utah (expand authority of court to prohibit firearms in DV order)
  16. Vermont (expand prohibitions for DV abusers)
  17. Virginia (prohibit DV order 24 hours after being served. prohibit ex parte from transporting or possession in residence of victim while order in effect)
  18. Washington (prohibit DV order and disarm)
  19. Wisconsin (disarm)
  20. Wyoming (create distinct DV crime)

Mental Health (at least 20 states improved laws requiring record submission to in-house databases and/or NICS)

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Arizona
  4. California
  5. Colorado
  6. Florida
  7. Hawaii
  8. Louisiana
  9. Massachussets
  10. Minnesota
  11. Mississippi
  12. New Jersey
  13. New Mexico
  14. Oklahoma
  15. Rhode Island
  16. South Carolina
  17. South Dakota
  18. Tennessee
  19. Virginia
  20. Washington