Gun Law Factsheets

Educating lawmakers and the public on the scope of the gun violence epidemic, the ins and outs of existing gun laws, and the proven solutions to this uniquely American crisis is critical to Giffords Law Center’s mission to save lives.

Our legal experts track and analyze every piece of gun legislation presented in every state, every year, and have unmatched insight into what works, what doesn’t, and what’s trending among both gun violence prevention advocates and the gun-industry backed lobbyists seeking to profit at the expense of public safety.

While more comprehensive resources can be found on our policy pages and in our extensive collection of reports, toolkits, and publications, our attorneys have distilled critical information about America’s firearms laws and the most effective solutions to gun violence into a suite of printer-friendly factsheets.

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General Information

Facts about Gun Violence
Federal Gun Laws 101
Smart Gun Laws & the Constitution
Local Authority & Preemption

Access to Firearms

Confronting the Inevitability Myth
Child Access Prevention
Gun Deaths & Mental Illness
The Truth About Guns & Suicide
Closing the Terror Gap

Background Checks

The Background Check Loophole
NICS one-pagerNICS & Public Safety
Background Checks on All Gun SalesBackground Checks on All Gun Sales
Licensing FactsheetLicensing of Gun Owners
Ammo Background Checks

Domestic Violence

Guns & Domestic Violence
The Intersection of Guns & DV
DV Problems & Solutions
DV Laws 50 State Summary (2014)

Guns in Public

NICS one-pagerShootings, Cities, and the Summer
Mandated Concealed Carry
Permitless Concealed Carry
Stand Your Ground Laws
Guns in Schools

Gun Violence Protection Orders

About GVPO
GVPO Overview
GVPO MessagingGVPO: Empowering Families

Hardware & Technology

The Dangers of Silencers
Preventing Unauthorized Use
Solving Gun Crimes
Large Capacity Magazines
Military-Style Weapons

Sales & Trafficking

Fixing the Default Proceed Flaw
Reducing Gun Trafficking
Dealer Regs and LicensingGun Dealer Regulations
Waiting Periods

The Economic Cost of Gun Violence

Investing in Intervention
Cost of Gun Violence in Arizona
Cost of Gun Violence in Maryland
Cost of Gun Violence in Minnesota
Cost of Gun Violence in New York State
Cost of Gun Violence in Ohio