A hotelkeeper has the right to evict a person, whether or not the person is a guest of the hotel, who seeks to bring a firearm into the hotel.1 The hotelkeeper is not required to provide accommodations, facilities or privileges of the hotel to any such person.2

State administrative regulations require any agency that enters into a Medicaid provider agreement with the state for the provision of mental health clinic services to prohibit firearms in the clinic facility.3 In addition, firearms are not allowed in:

  • A children’s residential care facility;4
  • Children’s therapeutic outdoor programs;5 and
  • State veterans’ homes.6

Idaho prohibits possession of a firearm in the Capitol Mall area.7

Concealed weapons licensees are prohibited from carrying concealed weapons into any courthouse, juvenile detention facility, or jail, unless they have been authorized to carry a weapon by a person or entity with authority over the building or facility.8 Concealed weapons license holders are also subject to generally applicable location restrictions.

Idaho has no statutes prohibiting firearms in the following places, although administrative regulations may apply:

  • Hospitals;
  • Sports arenas (other than those related to an elementary or secondary school or certain facilities owned by colleges and universities);
  • Gambling facilities;
  • Polling places; or
  • Establishments that serve alcohol.
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