Maryland requires that any person possessing a machine gun register his or her gun with the Secretary of Maryland State Police (“DSP”) within 24 hours of acquiring the machine gun, and annually thereafter.1 Registration applications must contain the:

  • Make, model, serial number, caliber, type, barrel length, finish, and country of origin of the machine gun;
  • Name, address, race, gender, date of birth, Maryland driver’s license number, and occupation of the person in possession of the machine gun; and
  • Name of the person from whom the machine gun was acquired and the purpose for acquiring the machine gun.2

Manufacturers of machine guns also must keep a register of each machine gun manufactured or handled by the manufacturer.3 This register must contain the:

  • Method of manufacture and serial number of the machine gun;
  • Date of manufacture, sale, loan, gift, delivery, and receipt of the machine gun from the manufacturer; and
  • Name, address, and occupation of the person to whom the machine gun was sold, loaned, given or delivered, or from whom the machine gun was received, and the purpose for which the machine gun was acquired.4

A manufacturer of a machine gun must allow a marshal, sheriff, or police officer to inspect the manufacturer’s entire stock of machine guns, parts, and supplies, including the register, on demand.5

A court may issue a warrant to search for and seize a machine gun possessed in violation of Maryland criminal law under the same procedure as for issuance of a warrant for stolen property.6 Moreover, a court may order, at the request of the State’s Attorney, the confiscation or destruction of a legally seized machine gun or the transfer of the machine gun to a Maryland peace officer or political subdivision.7

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